Spring in the yard

_*dipdych-cake-mapleleafThis spring I became a homeowner. Probably the most exciting part of that is having access to an outside space where I can go and sit with things that grow. Previously my partner Leif and I, and all our outdoor gear were crammed into a second story apartment with a small balcony as our outdoor space. Luckily for us much of our work takes us outside but there was this nagging desire inside me on the days I sat editing and emailing at my computer. I learned this was often caused by my inability to get outside and stick my nose into something green, even for just a second. I find great peace and joy surrounded by wild and living things and having a yard, all be it a very overgrown one, is the antidote to being completely disconnected from the green world. So here are a few shots of things growing in my yard.

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“The Only Luxurise we Need” Feature in The Ski Journal vol 8.3


Grab this months issue of the ski Journal and read about my journey with writer Leif Whittaker last spring on the Wapta Travers. Six days of whiteout conditions and glacier travel led to some good adventures and a decent amount of suffering. Get your copy now! http://www.theskijournal.com/issue/8.3/8.3
For more of Leif’s great writing visit http://www.whittakerwrites.com/

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Streets of New York

Last week i was in New York City attending Photo Plus Expo and people watching on the subways. New York is a city of great diversity and a very fun place to visit for someone who usually prefers the company of mountains and oceans.

Here are a few snap from my time in the city.ny-city-skylineff_141102_3389 ff_141102_3411 ff_141102_3416 ff_141103_3821 ff_141103_3833 ff_141103_3849 ff_141103_3858 ff_141103_3871 ff_141103_3882 ff_141103_3906ff_141103_3933ff_141103_3923ff_141103_3916    ff_141103_3941


Fall Apple Pressing


Fall is one of my favorite times of year and gathering and pressing apples in the Northwest is one of the great pleasures of living here. Here are a few photographs from fall harvest. Enjoy! ff_140925_2544 ff_140925_2556 ff_140925_2557ff_140925_2689-apples ff_140925_2632ff_140925_2648ff_140925_2689pressing-dipdich ff_140925_2661 ff_140925_2650 ff_140925_2660    ff_140925_2689-dipdych


Editorial work from spring and summer 2014


It has been a great year and i have had some fun publications. Here are a few tears from Back country Magazine, Adventure Kayak Magazine, National Geographic.com OutsideOnline.com and Sea Kayaker Magazine. FreyaFennwood_outdoor_climbing-hiking-photographer-18 copyScreen Shot 2014-10-04 at 5.56.11 PMabeltasman   Trip-Photographyseakayekr-ladiesScreen Shot 2014-09-18 at 3.59.44 PM

Blog History Lost

I am very sad to say while changing web servers my blog archive from the past few years was lost. I am trying to recover some of what i can, and get some of my favorite old posts back up but at this time i am looking to the future So it is looking like a Fresh start.