Spring in the yard

_*dipdych-cake-mapleleafThis spring I became a homeowner. Probably the most exciting part of that is having access to an outside space where I can go and sit with things that grow. Previously my partner Leif and I, and all our outdoor gear were crammed into a second story apartment with a small balcony as our outdoor space. Luckily for us much of our work takes us outside but there was this nagging desire inside me on the days I sat editing and emailing at my computer. I learned this was often caused by my inability to get outside and stick my nose into something green, even for just a second. I find great peace and joy surrounded by wild and living things and having a yard, all be it a very overgrown one, is the antidote to being completely disconnected from the green world. So here are a few shots of things growing in my yard.

20160522-DSC_6138 20160522-DSC_6128 20160522-DSC_6127 20160522-DSC_6142_*dipdych-morning_glory_artichoke20160522-DSC_616320160522-DSC_6183

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